No, it seems that Post Malone is not homosexual, despite the fact that there were rumors approximately this for the longest time thanks to the privateness that this hip hop famous person attempts to keep about his personal lifestyles.

Post Malone being homosexual is some thing that hit the headlines:

when human beings stated that he must move at is post malone gay the display Q Eye, which is a display wherein 4 gay designers and way of life experst supply humans a makeover when they're in need of one, and the show is pretty well-known for being consultant of the LGBTQ network.

The presenters and experts on the show Q Eye are known as The Fab Five, and that they have obtained many requests, a lot so that one of them, Karamo even took to Twitter to ask why such a lot of humans wanted the rapper to head on the display.

Here is the tweet:

Post Malone basically replied to the rumors of him being homosexual and wanting to go on the show Q Eye with the aid of saying “no they simply think I’m unsightly and odor lol. Love the display tho men, hold crushing it” 

Post Malone being homosexual is just the latest within the long series of human beings speculating:

approximately the sexual orientation of popstars and celebrities, and due to the fact Post Malone is a younger and a success hip-hop or “blended genre” artist with Billboard-

topping hits like Sunflower, Congratulations, and Psycho, there are naturally folks that would need to realize the answer to questions like is Post Malone homosexual?

Post Malone isn't homosexual though, with the aid of all bills:

or as a minimum he has in no way dated or been with men as a long way as it has been said within the media, but on the equal time, Post Malone does now not appear to be a stereotypical rockstar either, and it's been mentioned that he is not a massive womanizer or women man both.

Post Malone’s romantic records has been most connected to the longest relationship he has had, along with his long time girlfriend Ashlen Diaz, and they were given collectively around the identical time his career took off.

Post Malone now not being homosexual is something:

that people have ascertained from his relationship with Ashlen Diaz, who he met whilst he become beginning out in the tune enterprise and running as a tune promoter.

However, probabilities are that the rumors approximately POst Malone being gay began to seize steam when the couple broke up, in 2018, once they sooner or later separated. 

The purpose rumors like Post Malone being homosexual flow:

into so much is also because he is a completely non-public man or woman who loves to hold matters to himself, and it isn't even recognised why he broke up with his female friend, or who initiated the breakup and so on.

It can be stated with some confidence that Post Malone isn't gay, because he has had a pretty extreme courting with a female, and at the same time as because of this he could still be into men as well, it's miles clean that he is not into men on my own.

Post Malone has also grown up in a lifestyle that’s a long way more:

accepting of homosexual humans than arguably another lifestyle within the west inside the beyond, and which means that is Post Malone became gay, he would probably locate it a good deal easier to pop out of the closet than human beings in lots of different elements of the arena or maybe celebrities within the beyond who could not have usual that in any respect.

As mentioned earlier than:

the campaign to send Post Malone on the show Q Eye became probable what started the rumor of Post Malone being homosexual, however this is hardly verifiable for the reason that it turned into only a issue that trended for a quick time on social media.